What’s the renewable energy form of the 2030s ?

Etha Management Lt was formed as Etha Ltd in 2003 to act as platform for company development within alternative energy. Our biggest subsidiary, formerly known Etha Wind, has taken over our original name Etha, and is a consultancy in renewabe energy. The change of the name was due to the fact that Etha today does a lot more than only wind power consulting. During the last few years the company have also been involved in photovoltaic project as well as battery and pumped strorage projects.

Our first project company was EMP Projects Oy, an environmental consulting office with focus on industrial energy saving projects. In 2005, the company was integrated into WSP Group.

During the years, we have carried out projects related to biogas, wastewater and exhaust gas cleaning. We have also done some exercises outside our core competence area, where of JoinMeTube, a system to send digital post cards, was especially interesting.

Today we utilse our skills learned during the years in developing energy projects. In our subsidiary Windbear Ltd, and with the help of consulting company Etha, we develop wind power projects together with local stakeholders. While Etha does the practical consulting work, Windbear is responsible for the financing. In a similar way we work with PV projects with the team in Aurinkokarhu Ltd.

In nearly all of our projects we work on an equal basis with partners, typically owning 20-51% of the project companies. All in all, we are now involved in projects containing nearly 100 turbines in Finland, in addition to maintaining a portfolio of small stakes in international wind developers.

For the moment we belive that cheap, subsidy-free renewable energy will be our focus area for long time. Thus we will always find time to discuss related project types like batteries, PV systems and gridstability.

With energetic greetings,

Staffan Asplund
Chairman of the Board

+358 44 3809237